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shanti creations and cafe gitane have teamed up to elevate any room with a one of a kind luxurious scent inspired by the Moroccan influences the restaurant has, due to the owner, luc levy being from casablanca, morocco. 

but just like cafe gitane, you can't pin-point a specific place or style. the eclectic, yet harmonious mix of influences give it, its' infamous vibe, that was directly translated into a scent: FIGARO.


an intoxicating fig & wood aroma

A crisp freshness that will elevate any space, evoking the Cafe Gitane Vibe, no matter the location. This scent opens with tops notes of fresh leaves, bamboo and green florals that give way to sun-ripened fig, jasmine, and geranium. Base notes of light musk, wood and moss balance out the floral accords. 

The NOLITA location opened in 1996, when the neighborhood was far from being a tourist shopping destination. Here, celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Bjork, Kendall Jenner and Michelle Williams (among others) sit between New York artists, European tourists, and True Yorker Millennials.

 The second location is far from it's first sister, living in Tokyo's most chic neighborhood, EBISU MINAMI. Here the CAFE GITANE vibe is paired with cool, modern design and the avocado toast comes with caviar. 


The third location in VINEGAR HILL, Brooklyn is known for it's relaxed and chill atmosphere. It's on a cobblestone street and has a blackberry bush growing on the side of it which gives it an especially cozy feel.

Choose your favorite location, and bring the Cafe Gitane Vibe into your home with the beautiful aroma, Figaro.