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Damn Plastic was founded to change our planet A. 


An event management company. 


A store in the heart of Salzburg, Austria.


A Franchise System for young people. 


A certification for plastic-free events. 


A modern start-up, built to make a difference and making plastic free partying possible. 


But remember: Plastic is not the enemy. BUT our mindset is.

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As they say, there are many roads leading to Rome, but not every road is suitable for a particular situation. Our situation here is the environmental problem. Minds have varied enormously on this subject and so far, there have only been the green "ecos" and the evil "polluters". So how do you want to find a long-term solution here? Well, Damn Plastic has developed a concept that is future oriented, long-term and damn unique. Damn Plastic does not want to point the finger at a group or make big slogans where there is nothing behind. We want to make it clear to everyone that we do not want to change the way of living completely and definitely not overnight. It's about finding good alternatives to plastic and similar " pollutants" that are adapted to our way of life. You want to party and celebrate until your feet are burning? Then do it. Drunk? And you throw your cup on the ground? Well, fuck it... its eatable! You want to get a bunch of offers on plastic alternatives? Then you should probably visit our Damn Plastic Store. So, to sum it up: Damn Plastic wants to provide all the products necessary to make single-use plastic-free partying and living possible! And all this without the need of changing behavior! This is our solution and we are convinced that it is not an easy but definitely a feasible way to focus on the needs of people and not requesting constant reduction and change in lives. At the end of the day, the human being remains selfish and wants to get out of the whole thing in the easiest and most pleasant way. In other words, in the DAMN PLASTIC way.




3 girls who want to…


…free this Planet from plastic…


…party like we’ve partied before…


…support YOU guys by making small sustainable choices


To lead this mother fucking Planet A back to its origin. 


You think all this is unrealistic? Well, then I'm afraid we have to disappoint you.


This whole thing is way less surreal. than you think. We've been looking for the best alternatives and we've been working a lot on what might bring us closer to our goal.




!We want to reduce the plastic to the absolute maximum 


!We are convinced that by taking small sustainable choices, anyone can avoid plastic. 


!And, most importantly, we want YOU to continue to party like there's no tomorrow, the bass makes your heart beat even louder and you won't be forced to change your life overnight.


So now you know what we want. And because we are no fictional characters who send a few wishes to the universe, it would be best to introduce ourselves personally:

Hi, my name is Victoria, but everyone calls me  Vicky [The Origin].


“Ahhh Damn......Plastic”


This was the birth of an idea that would grow even bigger. The urge to realize further my own idea had been dominating me for several years. Away from a 370 year old family business and jumping into cold water. 


What finally led me to DAMN PLASTIC was basically the horrible fact, and everybody knows what I'm talking about, when you party all night, you're drunk as fuck, and you think "What it's morning already?!" at about 6:00-7:00 in the morning... Well, until you finally get over it and then you look down. (SHOCK)  "Woooow, this place looks pretty fucked up." With each step you squeeze the last air out of the damn plastic cups... I hope you know what I am talking about! 


Steph and I have experienced this over and over again and with time, we started thinking "what are we doing here? Celebrating shouldn't be a sin!"


Would you believe us if we told you that every cup you ever drank from at festivals or in general, is still under the mountains of garbage? 



Hello my name is Stephanie, but everyone calls me  Steph [The Anchor]! 

Well, I'm going to continue our story. As Vicky already explained, the idea was born while celebrating. Well, we started doing research, explaining and understanding plastics. Until we came to the point that we realized that there really is plastic everywhere.


Once again: plastic is really everywhere. In all cosmetics, shower cremes, shampoos as well as toothpaste, cremes, shoes, clothes, food even in our water sources. It is and was frightening even then! 


And so the idea grew. First we worked on an online shop, where you can find everything you need for plastic alternatives and don't have to research the internet forever, then the festival consulting part followed. Parties should not be a sin anymore.


And finally, Vicky (The Origin) developed a unique franchising concept combined with our DAMN PLASTIC stores. AND thanks to our know-how, we can also really stir up the B2B market! We even supply restaurants with a returnable on-the-go delivery system with one of our partners. 


Now it is my turn. It's me Anna. And all the people call me... Anna [The Blossom]

The story continues. The pillars stand and form the basis for giving humanity a gentle push in the right direction. In the meantime it has also developed in a way that no matter where you go, plastic is under observation.


That awareness is gradually changing and people are starting to figure out how single use plastic could fuck us if we don't start taking small sustainable choices.


These small choices are essential to avoid being buried alive by the garbage.


YOU think it's difficult? Well, no wonder nobody has ever told you how easy it can be and how much you actually benefit from living more sustainably. 



- The networking of all elements into one. The connection of party, lifestyle and environment in one. Actually, you can rock the party of your life without plastic. No sacrifice. No restrictions. Just you, the eatable cup, good music and loads of party vibes.


In the future Damn Plastic will not only be a store or event-company - but a SUMMIT for young entrepreneurs to build up a powerful community to invent even more products - to allow the population a still convenient way of life - but without harming the environment (either while partying or daily living). Besides, WE DONATE 1% of our turnover to those start-ups that come up with new sustainable products that help us to get rid of the damn plastic!


Damn Plastic shall be heard. The situation is serious and everyone knows that people's behaviour must be changed. But who can force the change? It takes a cooperation and listening to move the masses. Damn Plastic educates and distributes the alternatives so that everyone is aware that although I consume something, I don't produce garbage that would be a burden to people and the environment. Well, we already know that, right? This movement is what the  DAMN P(eople) need. A fun and fresh way - to show how we can do our best and make "small sustainable choices" - while still enjoying life. FACIT: YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE TO JOIN THE DAMN PLASTIC FAMILY - everyone starts with small steps.


Finally, before the whole SHIT lasts even longer, we welcome you to a world of plastic alternatives. We're here for YOU and we put our damn hearts into it.


We're all in the same boat, just a little bit nicer this time than in times of the old Noah ;)





Vicky, Steph, Anna

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