Astrology - February 2020 Look Ahead

Winter is coming to an end, love is in the air, and Mercury Retrograde is in full bloom! Congratulations, you survived a pretty rough January so let’s look at what February hold for us!

The month starts out with Mercury entering the dreamy and illusionary sign of Pisces. A few days after, Venus enters the fiery and action-driven sign of Aries. The combination of the two encourages us to get creative and take steps towards making our dreams a reality. It also brings out a playful and romantic energy perfect for the season of love.

On February 9th, we have a Full Moon in the sign of Leo. A Full Moon represents the peak of the lunar cycle and is a time of energetic balance and fruition. The Full Moon in Leo brings the opportunity to balance ego with humility. It’s about examining the creative self and what you have to give to the world. As this Full Moon makes harmonious aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, it brings with it the encouragement to trust our intuition and share our gifts in a bold, unique way.

Just before Pisces season begins, we have both Mars moving into the sign of Capricorn and Mercury going retrograde on February 16th. Mars excels in the sign of Capricorn, bringing focused and persistent nature to our motivation. This can be an incredibly productive and introspective time for many of us as Mercury also goes retrograde and the two planets speak in harmony with one another.

Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Pisces until March 4th when it retrogrades into Aquarius for a few days before stationing direct on March 9th. In Pisces, Mercury retrograde acts as a deeply self-reflective and sensitive time. In Pisces, Mercury is furthest away from its home sign and so there can be some added confusion and miscommunications to this retrograde. Check out our article later on this month for what to expect during the retrograde.

The last aspect of the month takes place with the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd. The New Moon, or sometimes referred to as the Dark Moon, is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It represents the ending of one phase and the beginning of a new one. New Moons are a great time to set new goals and despite the Mercury retrograde, this is still absolutely true for the Pisces New Moon. This New Moon will be in harmony with both Mars and Uranus- two wildly active planets housed in stabilizing earth signs. The ruler of this New Moon, Neptune, also connects harmoniously with Jupiter in Capricorn. With so much earth sign influence helping to ground the unstable Pisces New Moon, this will be a great time to utilize both intuitive and practical energy in your New Moon intentions.

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