Astrology: Jupiter Enters Capricorn

After having spent the last year in its home sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter is moving into the sign of Capricorn for the FIRST TIME in 12 years on December 2nd.

Astrology: Jupiter Enters Capricorn

Jupiter is our planet of expansion and higher knowledge so it has the nature of bringing both internal and external growth. It spends about a year in each zodiac sign so once every 12 years you will have a Jupiter return. Societally, these are what we consider to be growth milestones with the first one being around the time most adolescents experience puberty and the 2nd Jupiter return being the entry into adulthood. As you can see, these are times in our lives marked with significant physical and emotional maturity.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter was right at home and able to expand in our lives with ease. However, in Capricorn, Jupiter has quite a different tone. Jupiter is considered to be at fall in Capricorn, meaning it operates at its lowest functioning. So after we’ve done all of our learning and exploring in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn asks us what we have to show for it. This transit is one that has more to do with making practical use of our experience and long term growth.

Jupiter joins the South Node, Pluto, and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn and this can feel like a karmic overload. Pluto is our planet of deep transformation, Saturn is our planet of responsibility and the South Node represents our karmic past. This means that there are some foundational changes coming with this transit so we have to be both flexible and intentional in order for those changes to work for our highest and greatest good. For some this will be a test of faith, for others it will be a test of integrity, and for many of us we will come to realize that we really just don’t know as much as we think we do. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”- Socrates.

Ultimately, Jupiter is always encouraging growth and while this may not always be easy or comfortable- it is necessary. Keep in mind that with each new day and the new transits it brings, the universe is constantly trying to work with us and not against us.

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