Astrology- Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

On December 26th, we have a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. Not only are eclipses a magical phenomenon to watch across the sky, they also have magical meaning in each of our lives as well. In ancient times, eclipses were consider to be supernatural cosmic events that were explained through various myths and legends. Some ancient cultures even associated eclipses with bad omens such as the apocalypse. Of course, none of those theories have been proven true but the ancient peoples weren’t wrong in attributing such importance to the phenomena.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when there is a New Moon happening at the lunar nodes. In astrology, we associate the lunar nodes with the soul path- the karmic past and future. The spiritual significance of the Solar Eclipse is that the New Moon happening near the lunar node acts as a cosmic gate opening or train to the next phase of your life. The universe aligns to make sure you get on this train and for some of us this is exciting but for others it can be hard if you’re not ready. Many people believe part of the significance of an eclipse is that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner at this time.

I think of the south and north node like a path in which the south node is where you’re coming from and the north node is where you’re going. With the nodes in Cancer and Capricorn for the past year and a half, this has essentially been telling us all to come home. It’s been nudging us to look inward and to start doing the inner work. The thing about the south node is that it is very comfortable and familiar while the north node is not. So in our own natal charts, we tend to have a hard time moving away from our south node.

This Solar Eclipse in Capricorn happens at the lunar south node. So while this is a lunar event that has to do with new beginnings, it’s about doing so through the lens of where you have been and what karmic rewards you have already sown into. So this brings up themes of breaking away from old structures, releasing fears, and going inward to take back your personal power. This is also something that pushes you forward toward a long-term goal. This is going to be a fortunate solar eclipse with Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, joining in the mix and reassuring the karmic rewards to come. Uranus is also a key player in this eclipse (and the upcoming one in January) encouraging big changes over the course of the next 6 months.

This solar eclipse has a bittersweet energy to it of letting go of something that may have been fundamental to you but with the perspective that you’re heading towards something much bigger and better. Keep in mind that eclipses are not energies you have to actively engage with, it’s more so energy that you need to be receptive of- awareness is key here. So, sticking with our train metaphor because I like it so much, all you have to do is show up to the platform to get on the train and you will get to where you are supposed to be.

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