Astrology: What to Expect - January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! This year is starting out strong with a month packed with transits to help us welcome in the rest of the year!

The month starts out with Mars entering the sign of Sagittarius, where it will stay until February 16th. Mars is the planet that rules our drives, actions, and motivations. So in Sagittarius we are influenced towards more hasty decisions made with optimism and fearlessness. This is great energy to enter the New Year with and encourages us to tackle the upcoming challenges with both confidence and flexibility.

On January 10th, we have two events occurring in the sky: Uranus goes direct and the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. Uranus is our planet of radical change, liberation, and humanitarianism. This planet has more impact on us collectively rather than personally and is actually retrograde for about half of the year. In Taurus, Uranus shakes up the areas of stability, financial structure, and resources. This energy is added into the Lunar Eclipse occurring the same day. A Lunar Eclipse is essentially a Full Moon intensified by the karmic energy of the lunar nodes. So it marks the peak of an important cycle that began 6 months ago at the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Stay tuned for our in-depth blog post on what this Lunar Eclipse will bring.

On January 13th, our planet of love and relationships, Venus, enters the dreamy sign of Pisces. Venus in Pisces brings a beautiful creative and romantic energy to the mix. As Venus transits the sign of Pisces she will connect and work harmoniously with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. A few day later on the 16th, Mercury will enter the sign of Aquarius. Mercury governs how we think and communicate and so in Aquarius, we are encouraged towards more innovative and boundary-pushing thinking. Both Venus in Pisces and Mercury in Aquarius influence us to think and communicate in a more globally compassionate way.

On January 20th, Aquarius season officially begins and is ushered in by the New Moon in Aquarius happening on January 24th. New Moons are all about new beginnings and in Aquarius, it is about new themes of liberation and stepping outside of our comfort zones. This New Moon will conflict with its ruler, Uranus, which indicates some external shake ups that may force some of that change. Keep in mind that Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs, meaning stubbornness and persistence are in their nature. So this can be a more difficult New Moon that is encouraging us to begin a new cycle at a time when we are more resistant to change than usual. Often times, the changes that require us to push our own limits are the ones that we benefit from the most and with this mind, we can prevail any of the challenges the future holds.

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