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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Welcome to Shanti Speaks: Astrology with The Astro Lotus.

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Astrology Zodiac Signs

Astrology is the study of the meaningful correlation between celestial objects and earthly events. I love astrology, and would love to be more knowledgeable in the concept of this, but I am not here to fool anyone, this is not my specialty.

My knowledge of astrology is very minimal, which is why I always hate when I mention any interest, because immediately I get the question, oh i'm a taurus, what can you tell me about me. I in no way, try act like I know what I'm talking about. There is SO much information out there and it is something that needs to be seriously studied. And while in my future I would love to be able to develop my knowledge and abilities, I want to be able to steer you all in the right direction now. Which is why I am SO thrilled to announce The Astro Lotus as our in-house astrologist.

Who is The Astro Lotus?

The Astro Lotus is this phenomenal woman named Amber, who resides in North Carolina. She is a guide, lover, teacher, and messenger of the stars. Amber uses astrology as a tool of spiritual understanding and self mastery. She began studying the cosmic language in her adolescent years, as she always had an interest in understanding people. Astrology became her favorite way to do that. After deeper study, she found that astrology's connection to spirituality allowed her to both understand and help people on a more meaningful level. In the meantime, go show her some love on instagram @theastrolotus

In the meantime, check out her website and sign up for a birth chart!

Each month she will be sharing with us what is happening in the stars and planets, along with other posts associated with this realm. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list, so you can always stay in the know of when The Astro Lotus speaks. Her first post with us will be November 21st as she prepares us for Sagittarius Season and all that means! Until then, check out why we have the most sustainable candles!

with love and shanti,



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