CBD Vanilla Iced Coffee

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Iced Coffee is like an obsession for me. yes, I love coffee, but I freaking love iced coffee-- there's nothing better on a warm summer day. So I thought, how can we make it even better-- and I realized, adding CBD! This cocktail is so good, you'll want to make it part of your morning routine, and since there is no alcohol you absolutely can!


3 oz Mexico CBD Coffee by Buddha Beans Co

.5 Stumptown Maple Syrup by Bushwick Kitchen

3 dashes of CBD Orange Bitters by Mountain Elixirs

.5 oz almond milk

Dry Vanilla Soda


Get your mason jar cocktail shaker, and pour Coffee, Syrup, Bitters, and Almond Milk in. Fill with ice and Shake! Fill a new mason jar with ice and pour from the cocktail shaker. Top with DRY Vanilla Soda. Grab your Stainless Steel Straw and you are ready to enjoy this refreshing summer coffee mocktail. Learn more about our Zero Waste Candle to Cocktail Shaker kit here.


CBD* stands for cannabidiol, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), by itself it does not cause a “high.” Click here to learn 7 benefits and uses of CBD.

BRAND FEATURE: Buddha Beans Coffee Co

Located in Los Angeles, California and established in 2018, Buddha Beans Coffee is micro-roasted using the highest quality, fair trade coffee beans, ensuring consistency and superior flavor in every roast. They also launched the WORLD's FIRST CBG infused Coffee bean!-- Learn what this means here.

Their first roast came out of a hot air popcorn maker. What started as a hobby, soon led to a marriage of their greatest passions, coffee & cannabis. To differentiate themselves from a crowded coffee industry, they began to research a proprietary CBD infusion process unlike any other on the market.

They roast and infuse all of their coffee in-house, but they directly source coffee from a woman ran columbian Coffee Farm. This allows for complete control over raw material input and roast profile. The final product is third party lab tested to ensure quality in every roast.

First off I LOVE their branding, it makes me so happy-- but I love their story and let me tell you-- this is the only coffee I want to drink. It tastes SO GOOD. Not to mention, regular coffee has been affecting my anxiety badly, switching to this CBD coffee allows me to still have my obsession without overwhelming my anxiety. While I have only tried the Mexico blend, I am sure the others are just as delicious. They have a wide array of offerings, including whole bean, ground coffee, single serve pour overs and a coffee scrub! Plus be on the look out they are launching TWO water soluble elixirs. One will be released mid September, called their CBG Wellness Elixir. Stay tuned for our review of this! For anyone who doesn't mess with hemp, they are launching a non-infused coffee line early Fall 2020. Needless to say I am OBSESSED with Buddha Beans and Can't wait to try all their new products!

Learn more about Buddha Beans Coffee Co Here.

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