Holiday Gift Guide for Every Zodiac Sign

Picking out holiday gifts for your friends and family can be really stressful if you’re not sure what to get them. Luckily, we’ve got a little inspiration from the cosmos to help you pick out a Shanti Creations gift that they’re sure to love! Check out our holiday gift guide to help choose the perfect gift for every zodiac sign!



Zero Waste Candle Kit

Why they’ll love it: Being the zodiac sign of duality,

they’ll absolutely love this dual purpose candle that can be used as a cocktail shaker after it's burn.



Zero Fucks Candle

Why they’ll love it: Aries is the fire sign notorious for bold statements and giving zero fucks, this hand poured coconut wax candle couldn’t be more perfect for them.

Need more? Try our Zero Fucks Tote Bag!



OJO Coconut Wax Candle

Why they’ll love it: The earthy Taurus is sure to love this decorative vessel that can be reused as a planter after it's finished burning.

Shanti Pillow Spray

Why they’ll love it: Taurus loves their beauty sleep and this pillow spray has amethyst powder and lavender essential oil to ensure they get their well-deserved rest.



Shanti Energy Kit

Why they’ll love it: This sensitive water sign will appreciate this kit filled with items like Selenite and White Sage to help protect their energy.



Everything I Touch Turns to Gold Tote Bag

Why they'll love it: This one should be pretty self-explanatory if any of your loved ones are Leos. They'll agree that this tote couldn't describe them better.

Want more? Everything I Touch Turns to Gold Candle & Tote Combo Deal.



Three Minimalistic Combo

Why they'll love it: Virgos can be a bit picky and harder to shop for but they're sure to love the minimalistic design of these candles and choose a favorite of the 3 scents.

Bonus: These come in adorable hand stamped Shanti drawstring bags.



Love Earth Crop Top

Why they’ll love it: Nothing says Libra like a fashionable, environmentally friendly top that also supports bringing more love to our planet.


Protect Our Species T-shirt

Why they’ll love it: The humanitarian in them will absolutely love the message on this shirt and that its purchase supports the Earth Day Network Foundation.



Shanti Smudge Spray

Why they’ll love it: A Scorpio can feel negative energy from a mile away

and will appreciate this Obsidian and Black Tourmaline infused spray

to keep that negativity out of their space.

Cacti Candle

Why they’ll love it: The scorpion sign will appreciate this desert themed candle and just like them, it’s spiky on the outside but warm and fiery on the inside.



Never Let the Fire Burn Out Candle

Why they’ll love it: If there’s one sign that knows how to keep the fire inside alive, it’s the fearless and wise Sag!

Bonus Points: This Candle supports artist and published author @kianaazizian.



Candle & Tote Bundle

Why they'll love it: Capricorn loves a good deal and

a multi-purpose gift like this is sure to be their new favorite.

Need a fun design for your Candle &Tote? Check out our Karma Bundle.



Karma Candle & Tote

Why they'll love it: The gentle Pisces knows better than any sign that what goes around comes back around!

Shanti Spray Bundle

Why they’ll love it: Pisces can often feel like sponges, soaking up the vibes around them. This spray bundle will help them keep their good vibes no matter where they are.

Includes: FTW, Love Yourself Energy Spray, Shanti Smudge Spray, Shanti Pillow Spray


This Holiday Gift Guide for every Zodiac,

was created by our Astrologist, The Astro Lotus.

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