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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

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Shanti Creations- Zero Waste Decor

Welcome to Shanti Creations, an eco-friendly lifestyle brand for mindful living and sustainability. Our products are consciously hand crafted to be beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. We use sustainable and recycled materials in our creations to work with the Earth, not against it.

A lot has changed since we first started. We loved our original logo, and it will always hold a special place, but as we confidently step into the next stage of this brand, we needed something that more represents us.

A triangle represents strength, while it also symbolizes the trinity of mind, body and soul. A downward pointing triangle, represents feminine energy and the lunar phases. We adore the symbolism behind our new logo. We believe that the true definition of peace comes from within, which is why we use Shanti in our name. Click here to learn more about what shanti means.

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We are so excited to announce we have said goodbye to our Soy Wax Candles. We still encourage you to burn 100% soy wax, over paraffin or palm wax because it is one of the better options, but we are proud to say our candles use the most sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy wax around.

We welcome you to the age of luxury, high quality and full sustainability, as our candles our now made from COCONUT WAX. Learn more about why coconut is the best choice for wax here.

We knew when we first started out, that eventually we would be switching our wax over, but we hadn't perfected the craft of working with coconut wax yet or found a supplier we trusted. But we are ready and we are so thrilled about it. If you loved our candles before, you are going to become OBSESSED!

If you've been with us for a while, you will have already seen our new minimalistic designs for the front of our mason jar candles. These also come packaged in a trendy organic cotton re-useable mini drawstring bag.

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While we love the simplicity, we also know sometimes it's needed to be bold and make a statement, So we'd like to introduce our Statement Collection. This collection has fun unique designs on the front of your coconut wax candle, allowing a one of a kind product. And these come safely in a reuse-able mini drawstring bag with the matching statement. Click here to learn more.

Which leads me into another new addition. We introduce our first ZERO WASTE CANDLE KIT, and we promise this is just the first of many! This kit allows you to easily reuse your mason jar after its burn, into the cutest cocktail shaker you've ever seen! We are awaiting our shipment of recycled eco-friendly packaging, and estimated to be available November 16, so we are taking pre-orders now. If you want to get this for holiday gifts, I highly suggest pre-ordering as I know these are going to go fast and we only have a limited number available until 2020. Learn more here!

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Another new introduction is our Om Collection. This collection takes our coconut wax candles to the next level by putting them in our new signature shanti vessels. Even once you finish the candle, its simple to clean out and be able to reuse for a planter, container, or simply a decor piece.

We have said our final goodbyes, to our 6 oz candles. While we loved these little gems, we have something better and even greener for 2020. If you want to try a scent before getting a 12 oz, no problem, that is why we now have our 1.5 oz mini mason jar candles! These are perfect for you to find out which scent you love, plus they are adorable. Go ahead and shop here!

As a courtesy to our loyal following that has been with us before this relaunch, we will continue to offer FREE SHIPPING on our site till the end of 2019. We are doing this so you can transition into our slightly higher cost of candles now that we use the highest quality wax on the market. As of 2020, we will not offer free shipping, so take advantage this holiday season and fall in love with the new age of luxury and sustainability.

This is only the start of Shanti Speaks, our new online blog. Here you will find words from me and also many guests blog writers. We wanted to have a space, where our eco-warriors and spiritual badasses could reference back for mindful living, energy needs, sustainable tips and even what is happening in the stars. This will be fun! Make sure to subscribe on our website, to stay up to date!

with love and shanti,



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