Hand poured  coconut wax candle made with natural essential oils, non-toxic fragrance oils and 100% cotton wicks. Designed in 12 oz mason jar with our Cafe Gitane's EBISU location design. Candle comes packaged in an orange burlap reusable mini drawstring bag. 60-80 hours of burn, depending on your burning style


  • Non-toxic & Vegan: Using only the cleanest ingredients, these are candles you can feel comfortable burning.
  • Zero Waste: Candles made in mason jars for easy repurposing options
  • Aromatherapy: these candles are made with essential oils


Comes in Shanti Creations' artisan aroma creation of Cafe Gitane's Exclusive Scent: FIGARO. 


FIGARO: a crisp freshness that will elevate any space, evoking the Cafe Gitane Vibe, no matter the location. This scent opens with tops notes of fresh leaves, bamboo and green florals that give way to sun-ripened fig, jasmine, and geranium.



Base notes: light musk, wood and moss 

Middle notes: fig, jasmine

Top notes: green floral, green leaves, ozone



  • 60-80 hours, depending on your burning style.