Hand poured coconut wax candle made with lavender & rosemary essential oils and 100% cotton wicks. Designed in our 12 oz mason jar with custom Broken Isn't Bad Artwork. Candle comes packaged in a cotton mini drawstring bag with handstamped Broken Isn't Bad Logo. 


As part of our #supportcreativity collection - part of the profits from this candle go directly to the artist. Learn more about this artist at www.brokenisntbad.com


Lavender + Rosemary is part of our new Aromatherapy Blended Collection, made with a higher concentration of essential oils to increase the benefits for mind, body, and soul.  We enhance the calming and soothing scent of lavender by blending in the invigorating herbal aroma of rosemary to create a candle that is relaxing and soothing. 


Lavender & Rosemary Benefits

*Induces peaceful REM sleep

*Renews mental activity & memory

*Relieves anxiety, & emotional stress

*Rids nervousness and restlessness


Affecting the heart and crown chakra, this combination of lavender and rosemary will bring emotional balance to your soul. While boosting your memory and mental energy, this candle will have you experiencing great intuition and clarity. 



$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • 60-80 hours, depending on your burning style.