Written by Chelsey @eco.mindset

There was a time when I believed that by simply putting plastics in the recycling bin, I was doing my part to help the environment. Yep, I believed that. In to the recycling bin things went and then out of sight and out of mind. To be honest, I’m not sure that I really cared enough to worry much about plastics and recycling because like most people, I was busy. Busy raising four kids, busy going to university, just flat out busy! My hectic schedule hasn’t changed, but finding out that only 9% of plastics are actually being recycled and reading about whales that were washing up on shore with bellies full of plastic really shook me!!

It suddenly struck me that I was contributing to the global plastic problem and that it was time to implement some household changes to reduce the plastic waste we were creating. Here are some of the household and shopping changes that have worked for me, maybe you’ll find them useful too! I think it’s worth mentioning that it was possible to implement these changes because I have the means and ability to do so and that lower waste living isn’t always accessible to everyone for a variety of reasons, in no way are these tips meant to shame or belittle the efforts of anyone else.

Groceries and Food

Since most of the disposable plastic in our household seemed to accumulate as a result of our grocery shopping habits, this is the first area that I examined in an attempt to identify and minimize wasteful packaging.

· Reusable Grocery Bags- when grocery shopping I make sure to bring along my reusable grocery bags. Being that I am on the forgetful side I’ll write myself reminder notes and leave my bags at the back door or in my car when not in use.

· Reusable Produce Bags-I’ve switched from plastic produce bags to reusable fabric bags which can be bought or made if you have some sewing skills. Even an old pillowcase will do the trick. By my estimates we have gone through approximately 5200 produce bags over a ten year period. Thinking about that number makes me cringe!

· Bulk Shopping- purchasing from bulk food stores with containers from home was new to me but I quickly figured the system out. Bring your clean containers to the store, have them weighed, and then shop! Simple and cuts out a lot of package waste.

· Homemade- home baking and cooking has really helped to reduce plastic packaging. Since I’ve purchased about 2000 loaves of bread in the past ten years (we have a big family!), baking my own bread from bulk ingredients has become a waste free solution to some of the plastic trash associated with store bought bakery items.

· Grub on the Go- We now pack lunches and store food in waxed cloth wraps, silicone bags, and containers. I won’t be buying plastic wrap or plastic sandwich bags again, they really aren’t necessary. Also, before going out for dinner I throw a container in my tote for leftovers and being the coffee addict that I am, I always have my reusable coffee cup on hand wherever I go!

In the Home

Once I realized just how much wasteful packaging came from the cleaning product aisle at the grocery store, like liquid soap and detergent bottles, I set out to find household products that didn’t involve plastic waste. Eventually my search for low waste cleaning products led to natural DIY products, which are easy to make and cost very little.

Housekeeping- cleaning products not only come in plastic but are typically full of nasty chemicals. This year I made the switch to homemade cleaning products which are stored in glass rather than old plastic bottles as I don’t want any chemical residue leaching in to the natural products I’ve made. There are so many fantastic cleaning product recipes online , I suggest trying a few different ones to see what works for you. Natural cleaning products sometimes require a bit of extra elbow grease but the trade-off is worth it!

· Washing Up-in the shower we’ve switched to soap bars but at the sink we still use liquid soap. Once a month I visit my local refill shop for liquid hand soap. I’ve even come across liquid hand soap recipes though I have yet to try any myself.

· Laundry- I’m able to buy our liquid laundry detergent at a refill store too. Screw cap wine bottles are great for refilling and look pretty! Eventually I’d like to try making laundry detergent but just haven’t found the time. Another laundry swap I love are wool dryer balls scented with essential oils, they are a natural waste free alternative to dryer sheets. For someone with allergies, like myself, this has been a particularly useful switch since dryer sheets are typically heavily scented and can irritate the skin.

· In the Loo- plastic free toilet paper was the answer to my endless frustration with plastic wrapped TP. Many plastic free toilet paper brands use bamboo or recycled paper material. Bamboo is a great sustainable material because it grows very quickly (a few feet per day for some varieties) and requires far less water for growth than trees do.

· Home Fragrance – Prior to ditching harmful chemicals in my home I was using those plug in deodorizers from the grocery store, so much waste and so many chemicals (cringe). Not deodorizing my home wasn’t an option (I have four teenage sons) so I’ve moved to natural alternatives. Recently I’ve started using bamboo charcoal deodorizing bags around the house and they really help to remove odors. For home fragrance I’ve switched to naturally scented candles made from sustainable ingredients, like

coconut wax. Also, it’s fun finding new ways to repurpose my empty candle vessels, Pinterest is full of great suggestions! Diffused essential oils are another favorite way to add scent to my home. Since switching to natural home fragrances my allergies have really improved and I’ve cut down on a lot of waste.

Shifting to lower waste living in the past year has been an adventure! I feel like I am learning so much from many others who are also trying to live more sustainably. For all the wins I’ve had, there have also been many failures as well but I suppose that’s to be expected when trying something new. If you are thinking about moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle the important thing to remember is to go slow and be kind to yourself. Don’t worry about trying to be perfect, just start with one small thing and keep trying! Are there any tips you can add to the list for reducing waste in the home? Please share below in the comments section! Thanks so much for reading, keep an eye out for my next post covering sustainable personal care products.

Chelsey is an eco friendly blogger who inspires to live slower and more sustainably. She shares her low waste living on social media through @eco.mindset .

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Imagine going to sleep, “waking up” inside the dream, and having a conscious chat with The Universe. Getting told messages, insights, things that humanity needs to know, or even answers to your questions! Well…that’s me in a nutshell.

My name is Holly Emmerson, and I’m a Dream Oracle. I have a unique gift where I consciously channel Spirit while asleep in the Dream World. Yes, you read that correctly – While I’m sleeping, I channel messages for the collective, as well as individuals.

Three years ago I had no idea I could connect with Spirit in the Dream World. I had no idea I had any “spiritual” gifts! But let’s start at the beginning, growing up in Calgary, Canada.

As a little girl, I always loved the Dream World. I always had a deep knowing that there had to have been some kind of meaning behind dreams. I mean, heck, we spend a third of our lives asleep! 

This led to a strong fascination with dreams, yet, I still had no idea how to interpret my dreams, let alone to connect with Spirit in the Dream World.

Like many of us, I’ve been on a spiritual journey for well over two decades, but it was more about personal growth, inner healing, and deepening self-love. But then, in November of 2017, my world changed when I went to Egypt. 

My whole life I’ve felt a connection to Egypt. So when my spiritual teacher offered a retreat and sacred site tour exploring this life-long curiosity, I was IN!

Egypt was far more magical than I could have ever thought. In fact, my experience in Egypt forever changed my relationship to Spirit and the Dream World in a whole new way.

I AWOKE in my dreams in a new way while in Egypt. Yes, I had been lucid dreaming for years, but now I was lucid dreaming in a new way.

My consciousness and awareness in the Dream World became so vivid and clear. It was like the veil between our physical reality and the Dream World dropped away allowing me to tap directly into Source for insights, guidance, and direction.

I felt something unlock inside of me. This is when the “Dream Oracle” in me woke up. 

To my surprise, I’ve since had a number of readings that revealed in past lives I was an Oracle for Pharaohs and was an Oracle of Delphi (which were the most famous Oracles of ancient times).

In this lifetime, I’m using my Dream Oracle gifts to support others on their spiritual path of healing.

I use guidance from the Dream World to help others uncover their subconscious blocks, heal them and move beyond them. This allows my clients to shift into deeper alignment with their Higher Self and what they desire to attract and create in their life.

By connecting with my clients through the Dream World, I am able to access the subconscious blocks they’ve tucked away in their minds and what holds them back from living their best life. This allows me to quickly pinpoint what the block is, remove it and put them on the most direct path to healing.

When I work with clients as a Dream Oracle, it’s not for them to bypass or avoid therapy (when needed), but it’s an additional and very efficient tool for finding the root of what is blocking them.

Since our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, we must all do the inner alignment work first in order to manifest the results in the outer world. This is precisely the work I do in partnership with your Higher Self in the Dream World.

I’m currently in the process of creating a Dream Oracle School to help others tap into the magic of the Dream World for themselves. Accessing the Dream World the way I do has been so profound for not just myself but my clients too.

Each night when you go to sleep, you tap into the Source of infinite Divine wisdom. Why not learn to consciously access this wisdom, so you can shift, align and awaken to your true potential?

Do you think you might be a Dream Oracle too? Or maybe you’re interested in learning what your dreams are telling you each night?

Learn How to Interpret Your Dreams

Start by writing down your dreams each morning and see if you notice similar patterns or symbols emerging night after night. You might be surprised at what you start noticing if you just start paying attention!

Here are some questions to think about as you write:

How did you feel in the dream? What was the environment? Who was in the dream and what is your relationship to that person(s)? Were there any symbols in the dream that stood out?

After a week or so of writing your dreams down, take a look and see if there are over-arching themes.

It’s normal that our dreams share with us similar messages in hopes that we actually receive the message that is trying to be shared.

I’ve also created a free Dream Interpretation Guide that you can download and use for this process. It will allow you to dive deeper into your dreams and includes the above questions plus so much more.

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing articles about dreams, the Dream World, and how YOU can start accessing your own inner Dream Oracle to tap into the divine infinite wisdom each night when you go to sleep too. I’m so grateful and excited to be able to share this gift with you and the world.

If you would like to learn more about me or book a Dream Oracle reading, please visit hollyemmerson.com

I would also love to connect with you on Instagram @DreamOracleHolly


Written By: Holly Emmerson

Holly Emmerson is a Dream Oracle and helps others manifest their goals and desires. She has a unique ability to channel Spirit and The Universe while asleep in the Dream World.

In the Dream World, she receives answers to her clients questions, gains guidance, and finds their unsupportive subconscious blocks, all to support their healing journey. By healing and removing these blocks, living a more aligned life becomes easy and allows the flow of abundance, joy, love or whatever her clients desire to manifest.

She also shares channeled Dream Oracle messages for the collective on her Youtube channel.

We’ve are nearing the end of the astrological year and have finally entered Pisces season!

Pisces is what I consider the most multifarious of all the zodiac signs. It is a mutable water sign, making it the most fluid and changeable of all the signs. It is represented by the image of two fish, connected by a string, swimming in different directions. This is to symbolize the universal connectedness of all beings and the cyclical nature of life. The mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini) are meant to transitions us from one season to the next and so with Pisces being the final sign in the zodiac, it represents the concept that nothing really ends. All things simply transcend to their next state of being.

This is deep stuff here, I know!

While Scorpio and Cancer have their respective emotional depth, Pisces is the deepest of the water signs. It’s all about spirituality, karma, dreams, and creativity- all things that can’t be felt more than they can be seen. Pisces is modernly ruled by the planet, Neptune, god of the seas. Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus, representing the evolved state of desire and love associated with sacrifice, faith, and universal love. Pisces also rules the 12th house of the natal chart which is considered to be the subconscious house. This is why Pisces is also connected to karma, past lives, and dreams.

By nature, those with a Pisces sun or moon are very sensitive to the energy of others. They are intuitive in this sense and can be empathetic to a fault. This sensitivity can sometimes be overwhelming and this is why Pisces is also connected to illusion, fantasy, and escapism. Pisces is the dreamer and similar to the other water signs, often times prefers to be alone with their imagination. They have a deep understanding that we are all connected and creative ways of expressing it, this is what makes Pisces the mystics and artists of the world.

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